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Motiva Unlocks Value in the FCCU through an Innovative Catalyst Solution from Rive and Grace

Posted on Sep 6, 2017 in Blog, Media Coverage, Publications

Maximizing diffusion of feed into and products out of an FCC catalyst is critical to unlocking the full value potential of an FCC unit in which the riser residence time is only a few seconds. Through a collaborative effort between Motiva, W.R. Grace & Co. (Grace), and Rive Technology (Rive), an innovative catalyst solution incorporating Rive’s...

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2015 Catalyst Developments: Innovation and Value Creation

Posted on Mar 19, 2015 in Media Coverage

Hydrocarbon Processing, March, 2015. In its annual What’s New In Catalysts coverage, Hydrocarbon Processing invited major catalyst companies and industry consultants to share their insights regarding innovations and trends for new catalyst technologies. “Rive continues to demonstrate value to refiners through application of Molecular Highway...

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Hierarchical Zeolites A Commercial Reality

Posted on Dec 16, 2014 in Media Coverage

Leading Scientific Journal Highlights the Impact of Rive’s Proprietary Technology in Catalytic Cracking ChemCatChem Catalysis, December, 2014 In December of 2014, ChemCatChem Catalysis announced that “Realizing the Commercial Potential of Hierarchical Zeolites: New Opportunities in Catalytic Cracking” by Rive Technology founder...

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Zeolites Modified by Rive Technology Play Role In Major Advance Characterizing Nanoporous Solids

Posted on Nov 21, 2014 in Media Coverage

Angewandte Chemie, November 2014 Leading chemistry journal Angewandte Chemie features Rive Technology’s Molecular Highway™ technology in its coverage of a new imaging technology for nanoporous solids. A triad of complementary techniques, namely high-resolution gas adsorption coupled with hysteresis scanning and density functional theory, rotation electron...

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Maximizing Distillate While Minimizing Bottoms

Posted on Mar 1, 2014 in Media Coverage

PTQ Catalysis, March 2014 Rive Technology authors discuss how Molecular Highway technology can maximize distillate production.  Molecular Highway technology enables refiners to crack more bottoms into valuable transportation fuel at lower riser temperatures.  FCC catalysts formulated with this novel technology have been commercially proven to achieve...

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